Majlis cleaning

Majilis cleaning is an important ritual followed since ages before Ramadan with a religious fervour. Ramadan is a season of celebrations in addition to fasting and religious obligations. It offers a month-long opportunity for interaction with friends and families. Majlis is a busy location to host guests for iftar during Ramadan. Long after the Iftar, they continue to eat, drink and socialise. 

To enjoy the break after a strenuous fasting day, guests stay long after the Iftar. Majlis cleaning before Ramadan is of the utmost importance to Arab families as a ritual of welcoming Ramadan. Before the festival and gathering, the Majlis must be spotlessly clean. Before Ramadan begins, the Majlis is given the green signal for a deep clean. Everything inside the majlis must be hygienically cleaned and sanitised, and that task is given to a cleaning company.

Before Ramadan, we have extensive experience offering onsite majlis cleaning services. For sanitising and cleaning the Majlis, we use steam machines. All of the hard-to-reach corners, and furniture, including sofas, cushions, carpets, curtains, and even tents, will be thoroughly steam-cleaned.
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