Window cleaning

We know that maintaining the glass and mirror-finished window is a big task and a time-consuming process. In regular daily chores, people often ignore it which results in more dust. Especially, cleaning the large windows requires a person to assist, if you don’t have the proper pieces of equipment. Glass should be very carefully cleaned without scratches or breaking the glass.

We provide complete and all types of window cleaning services making your space more breathable and liveable. Our energetic and experienced team wiped away all the dirt from accessible and inaccessible windows and panels. Our team is fully equipped with ladders and high-quality water for cleaning and caters service at our client’s convenience time and day. We use specialised tools to clean the inaccessible corners whilst avoiding scratches on the glass. Our team delivers a post-service clean, leaving your home as clean as we found it. Our window cleaning crew is genuine and efficient, and they are fully trained to clean windows and doors on higher floors, both internally and externally.
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